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Malema vs Twitter:

This is one of the most humorous stories of the year in my opinion. The social networking site Twitter seems to have quite a few “Julius Malemas” on it – and the real Malema, angered by this, vowed to shut the site down (because he’s the almighty powerful king of the Gods). He also claimed that it was “white reactionaries” that would be capable of mimicking him “illegally”. Thing is, not too long agao, a Facebook user vowed to kill whites, rape women and hurt children in the name of Malema – no one claimed he was white. “We are sure, when they get exposed, you will see it is white people. Reactionary, rightwing, white people,” said spokesman Floyd Shivambu. “It is white people who are doing this because white people have a problem with the ANC Youth League.” When it came out that the ANCYL thought they could actually succeed in closing it down, several users commented in reply to a post by 5fm radio jock Gareth Cliff. “Julius Malema wants to shut down Twitter?” Hahahahahahahahahaha, best joke4 2day.” Gareth then added, “ANCYL to close down Twitter… They truly are a bunch of gifted individuals!”

But Malema continues to Tweet: (Note, these Tweets occurred within a month, very busy man…)

  • If u follow me for humour or jokes, then its for wrong reasons. This acc aims to update followers abt FACTUAL current affairs re: J Malema   
  • Remember, remember the 5th of November, The Gunpowder Treason and Plot, I know of no reason, Y it should ever be forgot.
  • On a more serious note (twitter jokes & humour was sooo gister): if there are sites to shut down – should be the infamous Toilet & Umgosi
  • …efela re ka se go botse gore jwang re tla ba tshwara makgowa a, re ba tlaleye ko maphodiseng
  • ANCYL vows to trace ‘white twitter reactionaires’   
  • Lions, Bulls, Sharks, Pumas, Springboks… Kokkerotte. Same things. All animals. Done tweeting for the week   
  • The cockroach remark has been taken out of context. In our culture, it’s a compliment to say one uyinja, iskhokho, etc   
  • Motlanthe “Nobody takes offence when you are called a lion or a bull.” Zille must accept it too  
  • In all fairness the Info Bill must be accompanied by a license to practice journalism, to blog & publish via any medium  
  • Before Makhaya Ntini, blacks didn’t care much for cricket. He must be recognised as a pioneer & national cricket symbol
  • Our official Press Release regarding the Twitter accounts impersonating Pres. JS Malema
  • The sudden increase of these Facebook and Twitter account by hackers impersonating me are misinforming the public.
  • This is identity theft. It is a basic violation of human rights and integrity to use the name of the ANCYL Prez.
  • We call for the closure of Twitter bcoz its admins are failing to stop Julius Malema impersonators.
  • A moment of silence for comrade Siphiwe Nyanda. Good riddance. Phew!
  • RT: @blackieswart: Good leaders unite people by giving them a common enemy! <– Is that y helen zille’s twitter timeline only attacks ANC?
  • Funny how Pres. JZ had all those enemies b4 elections. Now he has no enemies, but is intensely disliked by his friends.
  • Meaning: Smart politicians TWIST & LIE about statistics so the lazy guys who can’t/won’t count will take all in face value
  • Well, that’s why there are also 3 types of people. Those who can count and those who can’t.
  • We will shut down the whole internets. If need be, we will ask Gov to block or disallow Twitter IP addresses in SA.
  • The sudden increase of these Facebook and Twitter account by hackers impersonating me are misinforming the public.
  • This is identity theft. It is a basic violation of human rights and integrity to use the name of the ANCYL Prez.
  • I thought PHD was a woman thing (no offense – gender equality networks). Now a black man can’t be successful without Vavi Pulling Him Down
  • There are 3 types of politicians, those who know lie about statistics and those that don’t
  • I shall no longer entertain the issue of cockroaches that wish to divide SA & run WP as an independent state.  
  • We congratulate both Comrade Gigaba and Mbalula on their ministerial positions. No more deputy or ministers without influence
  • So far so good; no-one has said anything (at least to me) about disciplinary hearings for me.
  • Georgian farming deal could contribute to more willing sellers but we still need their experience, skills & mentorship
  • http://bit.ly/djlY9R SA farmers moving to Georgia. Good for young black SAn farmers & bad for the emigrating whites?
  • Satirical response by Gov to @GarethCliff http://bit.ly/99G7AW (excerpt: leave a message on Pres Hotline & we’ll get bck 2 u)
  • Gov speaks pseudo-scientific gobbledygook and pontifical hooey but can’t decipher it. To make a point, u must toyi-toyi
  • Letter by @GarethCliff is magniloquently/grandiloquently written. I know of NO ONE in gov who’ll understand it.
  • @Just_Sharks I support the Boks. Unfortunately Limpopo has no major Rugby team at the mo so I don’t follow the local action
  • True, may have to pay royalties just for greeting a comrade. @waynegemmell @JovinhoMorales 10:22 AM Oct 19th via
  • Phone networks & TV stations are trademarking every greeting. Hola, Heita, Yebo (Gogo), (fo) Sho, Ayoba are now brands
  • Apparently those miners are going to attend Anchor Management soon.
  • Chileanisation of copper mines may have included that mine. In Chile, mines r nationalised based on output.
  • Chilean rescue is a success so far. No miner disappointments
  • @ryanleewarner if all ANC people are taken by the DA – they’ll still be managed by helen zille therefore rendering them as useless as her.
  • Subsidized DSTV package wld incl 2x educational, all free-to-air & dedicated sport channel for all national games (all sport codes)
  • How about a subsidized DSTV subscription for all SAns – then Bafana rights move to Supersport to avoid stuff up by SABC costing us games?
  • BTW, saying S Dikshit makes the letter S sound like a backside
  • NZ TV Host ridiculed an Indian diplomat called S. Dikshit
  • At least it’s not Dipshit
  • @miss_mbali Freedom of Speech should come with Freedom to no Listen. Heard of Paul Henry who ridiculed S. Dikshit?
  • Antisemitism is hatred, prejudice or hostility towards Jews. Some of our biggest financial donors are Jewish & we love them
  • How does Pastor Ray McCauley afford all the things he owns?
  • Some say I waste gov money. I’m not in parliament nor am I a gov office bearer. ANCYL is no different to an NGO. No gov funding either
  • How does Gas Emissions Tribunal sound to you?
  • Off to plan for ANC National Working Committee taking place tomorrow.
  • Xuma sounds awfully similar to Zuma. Hope the latter doesn’t suffer the same fate as the former.
  • I’m tweeting aren’t I?
  • Politics SA 101: SAns hv the shortest memory span. e.g. Does any1 remember or mention Presidential Hotline? Jub Jub?
  • Anyone with ANC leadership or power ambitions must take their own pick & shovel – pave yo own way towards Mangaung 2012
  • The myth & psychobabble that I’m some1’s proxy or mouthpiece needs to be cleared. ANCYL & myself are no-1’s puppets.
  • Last tweet is off most people’s mein kampfort zone. It’s all about concentration. Camp outside if u can’t go fuhrer.
  • Do u still send a Jewish kid with ADD to a Concentration Camp?
  • Goodbye. Totsiens. Salani kahle. Au revoir! Au revoir! Re tlo dubula le buru.
  • We’ll either enable comments on http://www.ancyl.org.za or on my personal website later but twitter goes for now
  • Our proposition on the matter opens channels for further discussions & ability to make it fail & fool-proof.
  • 3rd & last: the ANC is stronger and united than ever before. It is by Prez. JZ’s strong words that I feel I should no longer tweet.
  • 2nd: While most feel that the ANCYL was defeated; FACT: the issue of nationalisation of mines was discussed & may be implemented in 2012
  • 1st: Apologies for not tweeting live. Anyone with eyes saw that I neither had my iPhone nor my iPad. Needed to concentrate.
  • Early bird catches the fattest worm but it is only the 2nd mouse that gets the cheese.
  • Comrades need to be reminded that He who laughs last, laughs best & longest
  • Next week I’ll tweet live from the NGC in Durban. This could be bigger than 2007 Polokwane conference.
  • I fully agree with @TrevorDamons – only criticize ANC approach by presenting better alternatives.
  • 1GF, 1BF will succeed. Next on the agenda is having discussions with the Zulu King, Goodwill Zwelithini about polygagy
  • Interesting question by the M&G but the truth is that my loyalty lies with the ANC, not individuals in it
  • Julia Malema, but you are already a Malema – we’d never work. It’ll be incest & we’ll have deformed kids.
  • This is why orphans don’t watch PG movies. They have no-one to guide them
  • Preparing for the ANC NGC starting next week. Radical changes are needed.
  • Can anyone burn a copy of the Qur’an for me? I need it for my iPad
  • ANC 2012 conf. could see a leader emerge that will transfer wealth from minority without pleasing Brits & imperialists Retweet
  • ANCYL of 1949 under Madiba removed then pres of ANC AB Xuma for not implementing radical programme of action developed by ANCYL
  • What is “The Office”? Someone called asking right to use me & ANCYL in a setting similar Michael Scott and Dunder Mifflin
  • RT @ewnupdates: #Cosatu Vavi: SA now like Irish coffee: mostly black, white foam at top with sprinkle of chocolate.
  • This commission was set up to work on advancing or updating portions/clauses in the constitution. We are following protocol

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  1. Informative blog post. What I’m feeling very confident about is that for this 2011 IRB RWC it’s worth watching out for Italy!!! Their rugby team is looking to be in perfect form and I look forward to them proving this in September. Best Rgds: Tanisha Azevedo from Hialeah, Florida

    August 21, 2011 at 4:53 pm

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