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April 2008 was a bad month in South Africa. This was the month that tyrannical politician Julius Sello Malema was voted in as President of the African National Congress Youth League (ANCYL). Three years later, his dictatorial, arrogant, authoritarian and autocratic rule is scaring many South Africans. Drunk with power and dim as a movie house lighting, if he gets his way, South Africa becomes communist. I think the world needs to know what this man is about, what he’s up to, and why anyone with an inkling towards human rights needs to take a close look at what this violently-inclined man is doing, and how he is influencing the youth of our potentially-great-but-not-quite there yet nation.

Firstly, let me start by saying I am an extremely proud South African citizen, and I do not have a racist bone in my body. I value people because they are human, and we are bound by that common thread. I barely recognize race. The same cannot be said about Malema. I don’t know who gave him the right to behave the way he does – and I have no idea why the SA government allows him to behave the way he does, but in the following series of articles, I will be tracking his oppressive rule, his “nationalisation” bile, and his activities as and when they happen. Let’s begin with his vow to kill in the name of JZ, which is when he, in my well-educated opinion, started on the path to tyranny.

Someone needs to do something about this guy – get him out of power before he drains this country of everything good in it. (let’s just make one thing clear, because I know this will reach his radar: I DO NOT condone and am in no way promoting violence. When I say get rid of him, I am calling for party members to remove his post of presidency in the Youth League. Mark my words, the tyrant WILL run for president one day – run AWAY!!!)


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