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My money is none of your business – Malema

“A house costing R16-million to construct only exists in the imaginations of rightwing, narrow-minded and obsessed white people, who always think Africans cannot and should not build houses of their own,” – Julius Malema


So the “Champion of the poor” – as he proclaims himself to be – denies that he is building a R16-million house. We will have to see. In the mean time, this business of dubbing yourself a hero has really been getting on my nerves.

Has anyone ever heard Nelson Mandela call himself a hero? NO, I think not. He is called that, and rightly so, by the world. The only world Malema is a hero is the one he lives in in his head.

This morning, The Times newspaper reported an articles called “My money is none of your business” as announced by Julius Malema. Once again, Malema is playing the race card as one of the only people still living in the Apartheid.

The following are excerpts from the articles, which can be seen on http://www.timeslive.co.za/thetimes/2011/07/21/my-money-is-none-of-your-business-malema

“I’m the only remaining leading political figure in South Africa who gets welcomed in the squatter camps. During the elections, there was a squatter camp called Stjwetla, where they refused ANC people to campaign, where they said you can’t come here. But when they heard that Julius [was] coming, they said today you can enter, no problem, you are with Malema. He is going to listen to us,” said Malema.


Malema, whose has backed calls for nationalisation with arguments that the wealth of the country is owned by white capitalists who hindered the economic freedom of the poor, side-stepped suggestions that he was also a benefactor of the self-same capitalism.


“One of the things I have learned in my short life in politics is the ability to live in the conditions of capitalism while fighting it and defeating it. I don’t exploit people,” he said.

That last little sentence kind of makes me want to get sick.


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