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It’s the white guy’s fault – ANCYL

Let me start by saying, I am the least racist person alive. Honestly, I couldn’t care less what colour your skin is – we all bleed red at the end of the day.

I am only 23 years old. Apartheid was at its end in 1991 when Nelson Mandela (adore him!!) was released from Robben Island, and officially over by 1994 when the gorgeous legend of a man was elected president of the newly-free South Africa. I was six. Racism didn’t mean anything to me and my sisters.

Let me add that I truly love my country. I was recently in the UK (YUK!), and it really does take leaving your own country to realise what a patriot you are. I have both South African and Italian citizenship – but am very proud to call myself South African.

What shames me is that I share a country with a racist, dictator-minded, tyrannical moron who believes that the white man (a miniscule portion of the now over 50-million population ofSouth Africa) is the enemy. This kind of paranoia was shared by Joseph Stalin, Adolf Hilter and bandito Mussolini over sixty years ago.  

This is same man who two days ago released a statement praising Fidel Castro’s regime in Cuba (red flag people! This is what he wants for our country).

This morning, the ANCYL is blaming several “white imperialists”, “white capitalists” and “white right-wing reactionaries”. Such people include:
Rupert family to media giant Naspers;
Absa CEO Maria Ramos;
DA MP Wilmot James.

IOL this morning reported that “the league implied Ramos had a hand in Malema’s woes as she had ‘publicly opposed policy positions (of the league), particularly on the nationalisation of mines’.  

The statement went on to draw comparisons between the media’s revelations about Malema and the hacking scandal playing itself out in Rupert Murdoch’s media empire after revelations that the now defunct News of the World tapped into the voicemail records of several royals, celebrities and crime victims in search of tabloid scoops.

“Is the Rupert family… approving the Murdoch hacking strategy of prying into the personal accounts and private lives of political personalities?” the statement asked.

Among a list of rhetorical questions the league posed to City Press – “(we are) asking these questions not with the intention of getting honest answers from City Press” – were the following:

  • “How much farm and agricultural land does the Rupert family own in South Africa today, and how did they acquire such land?”
  • “If indeed an amount of R200 000 has been deposited into the trust to facilitate a deal, and this is illegal, why did City Press not open a criminal case against Mr Malema and the person who claims to have deposited a bribe into his account, because the laws of this country force them to do so?”
  • “What is the role of Absa, whose CEO, Mario Ramos, has publicly opposed the policy positions of the ANC Youth League, particularly on the nationalisation of mines?”
  • “Why is Wilmot James, the DA federal chairperson, a director of News24, owner of City Press, and these right-wing newspapers?”


 *sigh* I don’t know where they get these ideas – maybe Fidel Castro and Robert Mugabe have co-authored a manifesto that Malema’s been reading.



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